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Haven’t had one of these posts in a long time. I’m such a sucker for pet photos so those two are my favorite out of the bunch. Speaking of Instagram, I finally started my own account so if you’re interested in seeing what I’m up to check out @aesthetic_li. It’s not IM focused, but actually for my other blog I recently started. I’ll be in NYC for the week for a much needed mini-vacation so then
I’ll really have a reason to Instagram. :)

From Left to Right

1. Dicker boots (@jkschroeder), Luz cardigan (@darinavedmes), Étoile bouclé coat (@ninoeliava)

2. Mona knit (@findmeamuse), Bayleys (@onyi), Beketts (@zooey_bee

3. Beketts (@sayhellomax), Dicker boots (@lisamakarova), Bazils (@linluchin)

4. Beketts (@snatchy), Beketts (@modefashionluxury), Keaton dress (@nausheenshah)

5. Primo fur (@carolcharlotteblair), Beketts & Berry boots (@msneakerpimp),
Étoile Monty jacket (@hyunnyc)

6. Étoile Itzel pants & Betties (@meganc_b), Beketts (@lovemargs), Birds (@anchoagg)

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