“Stubborn. I can even say narrow-minded. I am Aries and when I believe in something, I 
never give up, I go for it. Human. People touch me and interest me. I have sometimes 
the impression to be an imposture, “Isabel Marant” is always put forward, but without 
all the people around me, “she” is nothing. And impatient. I want everything, 
right away, every time.” – Isabel Marant on her character

A big thanks to Marie for translating this for me! 

Image // here // Interview via Marie Claire France Apr ’13

According to I.T., Isabel is releasing only 300 pairs of these limited edition Beketts globally, which
I’m thinking will most likely be called another name perhaps? What do you think of these?
Do you still think there’s a big rush to buy her sneakers?

Image via I.T.


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