Hey marant philers :). After a year and a half of keeping the marant philes up and running, I’ve
decided to stop the blog. I’m really sorry to those of you who draw inspiration from it, the feedback
I’ve gotten has been so positive, and I’ve felt a lot of support from you just emailing to say how
much you loved seeing all things Marant. I’ve grown more as a blogger over the past year, wanting
to blog about a variety of fashion-related topics so I decided to start a  second, more personal blog. It’s just become more clear to me that my other blog is where I want to focus all my efforts.
So again, I’m sorry to disappoint, but I hope some of you understand.

I’m going to take down tMP’s twitter and facebook page, but the blog will remain online for awhile.
I wish you all the best!

Romy, in my opinion, epitomizes Isabel’s Étoile label – laid back, bohemian, and no fuss.
Bohemian Chic is well-documented with Romy’s travels and often casually clothed, her outfits are
still interesting to me. Her blog has a very non-filtered, no difference between reality and
blogality aesthetic, which I find very, very refreshing. And she also wears Marant like mad. :)

1. – Étoile Isabel Marant Nuta skirt
2. – Étoile Isabel Marant Herbin blouse
3. Isabel Marant Irox shorts

Images via BohemianChic

After eating too much for Thanksgiving, my brain can’t function properly for print. BUT,
check out Margs’ blog, she has great style! Here she’s wearing Isabel’s Yosemite cardigan,
red Beketts and an Étoile Madoc plaid shirt tied around her waist…

Images via LoveMargs
edited by the marant philes

Chances are you already know about Theresa’s blog, especially if you’re a lover of IM.
Her wardrobe is well-stocked with IM in lots of neutral tones (a girl after my own heart),
and her outfits are so versatile for any out-and-about occasion.
She is one of the most supportive bloggers I’ve met in the cyber world and
has been with tMP from the beginning so I’m sending her much love and a big thanks 
for keeping us marantphiles inspired!

1. Isabel Marant Ulyse jacket and Itzel tie-dye jeans

2. Isabel Marant Darwin jacket

3. Isabel Marant Itzel snake-print jeans

Images via TheHabit

The Coveteur is nothing short of brilliant in featuring the interior spaces of creative types, and their still life photography always captures my eye. I find myself drawing as much inspiration from the ordinary housewares as I do from the extraordinary wardrobe pieces. From Charlotte Ronson to Jeannie Lee to Rebecca Minkoff, Isabel Marant invades the wardrobes of many, but here are some
of my favorites…

Images One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven

I’m always excited to hear from fellow philes who follow tMP, and when Maria contacted me with
these stunning photos of her in Isabel Marant, I thought why not do a Q&A with one of our
followers! So meet Maria Brito, Interior Designer, Decorator, & Consultant for her own company, Lifestyling® by Maria Gabriela Brito in New York City.

When did you first discover Isabel Marant?
In a trip I did to Paris in 1999. It was very
ethnic and bohemian back then. I would
also say simpler, but nothing like the past
4 years – it has gotten so much better. 

What makes you gravitate towards wearing
her clothing/accessories?
The fact that everything fits wonderfully
well, that the craftsmanship of each piece
is awesome and that the style is unique.
Isabel Marant is magical and at the same
time so easy to wear. Almost everything
can be dressed up with a few accessories
and key pieces like a blazer or high heels,
or paired down with jeans or shorts.

How would you define your style?
Fun, Colorful, Chic.

What is your favorite Isabel Marant piece
that you own?
Tall fringed boots in burgundy.

What are your must haves from her upcoming Fall 2012 Collection? 
Those gorgeous studded boots!

First – Isabel Marant AW11 Mana dress, Navajo skirt, & Poppy heels 
Second – Isabel Marant SS12 Agora poncho & Kals leather leggings, AW10 heels

Images courtesy of Maria Brito

I can’t even begin to explain how much I love this boutique’s website. Maryam Nassir Zadeh’s
overall aesthetic is clean and crisp, and her simple, high quality street style photography makes me want to buy everything in the store. It’s definitely on my ‘To Do’ list next time I visit NYC (they carry Dieppa Restrepo!). To place an order, contact them by email or phone, and they ship internationally
so don’t let the U.S. address deter you!

Étoile Isabel Marant Inko Jacket // here //

Étoile Isabel Marant Jenny boots // here //

Étoile Isabel Marant Jobia dress // here //

Étoile Isabel Marant Isis pants // here //

Étoile Isabel Marant Meg dress // here //

Location: New York, NY
International Shipping: Yes
Return Policy: Click here

Images via Time & MaryamNassirZadeh


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