After reading your comments on Isabel’s FW13 Collection, it got me thinking more about the two views that have surfaced very strongly. One view being that her most recent collection is a return
to the Marant aesthetic, while the other totally disagrees and sees very little “Marant” in the collection. This difference in opinion prompted me to take on a much longer project than I initially
anticipated (isn’t that how it always goes) by highlighting some looks from her past Fall shows.
Of course, the disclaimer has to be that I’ve chosen 5 out of 40-50+ looks so there is
variability or continuity that I may not have accounted for, but overall, 
I tried to picks looks that were a summary of each collection. 

In the end, was FW13 really a return to Parisian chic or the “Marant aesthetic?”

Images via StyleBistro, NYMag, Elle,
Collages via themarantphiles

“You will not believe me, but I was inspired by those miserable days and nights in winter when you don’t want to go outside…I just thought about, if you have to go outside, how are you going to 
do it so you look good but keep warm. No matter where you are—a party, a friend’s house,
or back outside where it’s cold—I wanted it to be easy to adjust from that cold, awful weather
to being inside and looking great the whole time.” – Isabel Marant

Images via Vogue.Fr & Vogue.Com
Interview via Elle

Ladies, I don’t know…

Images via Style

It’s about that time people! I’m really hoping for a better collection than SS13 to be honest so I’m eager to see what Isabel puts out. As you already know, I’ll post the show as soon as it’s
available so please write in and let me know what you think overall.
Check out my Facebook and Twitter tomorrow as well!

Illustration via themarantphiles

Once again, I need to take a deep breath and process this all. I feel like a madwoman right now
after waiting for these photos to post. Deep Breath. Looks 8 and 43 are my faves at first glance!
What do you think?

Images via Style


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