Fall Collection

1. Étoile Isabel Marant Finn top, Étoile Isabel Marant Ivo cords, Isabel Marant Dicker boots
Isabel Marant Caja top, Isabel Marant Crem pants, Isabel Marant Lazio boots

2. Isabel Marant Khan coat, Isabel Marant Loris pants, Isabel Marant Kylie pumps
Isabel Marant Newton top, Isabel Marant Kessy pants, Isabel Marant Kylie pumps

3. Isabel Marant Theo sweater, Isabel Marant Marso jeansIsabel Marant Kylie pumps
Isabel Marant Hamilton top, Isabel Marant Abon shorts, Isabel Marant Lazio boots

4. Isabel Marant Caira minidress, Isabel Marant Dicker boots
Isabel Marant Dag dress, Isabel Marant Dicker boots

5. Étoile Isabel Marant Zipeli scarf, Étoile Isabel Marant Pila sweater, Étoile Isabel Marant Iti cords
Isabel Marant Diane top, Isabel Marant Loris pants, Isabel Marant Kylie pumps

Images via LaGarconne

Looking back at these photos makes me think a lot about Isabel’s upcoming show and wondering what she’s going to do. Someone on tMP’s Facebook page said that stars are going to be a big theme in her Spring collection, which you can already see in her SS13 sneakers here.
Her Fall collection has definitely grown more on me as I’ve seen it interpreted in editorials,
but I have to say or write that I’m really looking forward to Spring…
and saying goodbye to the West.

Images One, Two, Three, Four

I swear I have no affiliation with The New Guard…just an AVID affiliation with their sense of styling.
Can you blame me?

1. Isabel Marant Abadi coat (I NEED THIS!!!)

2. Étoile Isabel Marant Brook top & Isabel Marant Abon leather shorts

3. Étoile Isabel Marant Ordrys cardigan

4. Isabel Marant Caira dress

5. Étoile Isabel Marant Melow jacket

6. Isabel Marant Khan coat

7. Isabel Marant Primo fur jacket

8. Étoile Isabel Marant Leary shirt & Isabel Marant Hugo skirt

Images via TheNewGuard

From the moment this jacket hit Isabel’s NYC store, it’s been permanently on my mind. I love a
good motorcycle jacket, but this style, THIS style! is what I’ve needed all along in my life.
And I didn’t even know I needed it beforehand. So why haven’t I bought it you ask….$$$.
No matter how much internal debating or negotiating, I just can’t justify it.
What’s a girl to do….

Isabel Marant Abelia quilted leather jacket

Image via LaGarconne

Okay first things first, I LOVE THESE PHOTOS! I can’t even tell you how excited I was to repost
them from Maryam Nassir Zadeh’s site. In my opinion, there’s nothing more appealing as a shopper
than to see my favorite designer’s clothing come to life in street style shots. These close-ups
of her knits and the way the lighting hits this model’s hair is just overall perfection! 

1. Étoile Isabel Marant Momo jacket

2. Étoile Isabel Marant Phoebe sweater

3. Étoile Isabel Marant Ouda sweater

4. Étoile Isabel Marant Pila sweater

5. Étoile Isabel Marant Gladys sweater

Images via MaryamNassirZadeh

I know that you know that Isabel likes to recycle different pieces from collection to collection,
but I was surprised to see how much this print was used for Fall. I love these silhouettes,
but what I don’t love is having too many options. Well maybe it’s not the option of too many options,
I just would’ve liked the option of different prints.
What do you think? 

Available here and here

Illustration via themarantphiles


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