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After reading your comments on Isabel’s FW13 Collection, it got me thinking more about the two views that have surfaced very strongly. One view being that her most recent collection is a return
to the Marant aesthetic, while the other totally disagrees and sees very little “Marant” in the collection. This difference in opinion prompted me to take on a much longer project than I initially
anticipated (isn’t that how it always goes) by highlighting some looks from her past Fall shows.
Of course, the disclaimer has to be that I’ve chosen 5 out of 40-50+ looks so there is
variability or continuity that I may not have accounted for, but overall, 
I tried to picks looks that were a summary of each collection. 

In the end, was FW13 really a return to Parisian chic or the “Marant aesthetic?”

Images via StyleBistro, NYMag, Elle,
Collages via themarantphiles

Ladies, I don’t know…

Images via Style

Okay, real talk write. So this is the only thing I bought from Cyber Monday even with the burst 
of paranoid energy I got two nights ago at 11:45pm as I frantically searched for something else
to buy. The fact of the matter is (assuming there’s a matter at hand) is that I’ve become very
selective in the past few months. I really haven’t bought anything from Isabel’s Fall collections
with the exception of the Blackson boots…and some of you may remember how that turned out.
My shopping drought is due to the fact that I felt myself getting caught up in needing to buy things
for the blog under the total pretense that I truly needed to as if I needed a new wardrobe for work.
But in reality, when I think about the women who really inspire me with their style, it’s always
those who have a very edited wardrobe with similar looks from day to day.
So in an effort to emulate that because I truly want my closet to inhabit items that I actually wear,
I now ask myself, even as I obsessively stalk these Marni shoes online, will I really wear this?
Am I in it for the long haul or will it just bite the closet dust….

Oh, this is Isabel’s Tifen cropped pullover. Fingers crossed it’s not too close to my skin color
in a boring kind of way you know. :)

Image via LaGarconne

My Theresa got it right when they described Isabel’s Vichy knit as a “cool understated chunky pullover.” Seeing this knit on the beach actually has the opposite effect as it makes me want
to curl up on my couch with tea or hot cocoa. Or maybe that’s just the cold weather. :)
Either way, it’s on my virtual wishlist at the moment, the navy one…

Isabel Marant Vichy sweater // here // here

Images One, Two, Three

I’ll never get tired of looking at that top photo for inspiration, and I’m not even a fan of spotted
fur coats! This model was shot in Isabel’s coat back in 2010, and here’s the updated version for
Fall. The main difference I can see are no visible buttons and a leopard print instead of a
cheetah one. Has anyone seen street style photos of this coat, I’m curious to see how 
it translates in real life or “street style” life.

Isabel Marant Primo printed rabbit fur coat // here // here

Images One, Two


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