Sooyoung for Harper’s Bazaar Korea

1. Isabel Marant Jungle jacket & Macao top

2. Isabel Marant Minsy top, Gabisse shorts & Jacob boots

3. Isabel Marant Esther jacket & Diane top

4. Isabel Marant Alexia top & Bazil pants

5. Isabel Marant Natacha dress, Capu Elvis belt & Charlotte Elvis sandals

Images via Soshified

I posted this photo a couple days ago on Facebook to make sense of why Jessica Biel was randomly walking around Paris in head to toe IM a few months ago. Ahh, photo shoot. I just found this great behind the scenes video from Elle that has most of the designers, including Isabel, talking about
the shoot. It is long so if you find yourself just wanting to see Isabel Marant, skip to 3:15;
however, listening to all the designers is not boring in the least, especially Olivier (LOVE HIM!).

Image via FashionGoneRogue
Original Video // Elle //


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