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“L.A. has such amazing sky and light. It would be a shame not to enjoy it…The shop is exactly where and how I wished it would be—my little cabin in L.A…The store isn’t only a place where
we sell clothes; it’s also where we share a certain lifestyle.” – Isabel Marant

Thanks to Theresa, I found some great photos of Isabel’s new L.A. store that just opened last Thursday. It definitely looks like a sort of retail retreat. This boutique is an absolute to do
next time I find myself in California. I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year’s!!!

Images via SvenDreesbach (although I really got them from T’s blog)
Interview via

1. Isabel Marant Kady leather jacket

2. Isabel Marant Momo jacket and Bilbao mini skirt

3. Isabel Marant Jacob boots

4. Isabel Marant Pila sweater

Check Availability @ Curve Boutique
Ph: (800) 378-0164

Images via ShopCurve

Thanks to Buro247, we get a peek inside Isabel’s new Tokyo store, which opened to the public yesterday. The raw, exposed wood paneling and use of natural light really highlight Isabel’s
lines, and overall it looks so serene and therapeutic. How can you not love the
down-to-earth photo of Isabel? It just reinforces that she’s a very casual, grounded person 
even as her brand continues to expand…and expand…and expand! 

Images via Buro247


Without a doubt, The New Guard is my favorite site for styling Isabel’s clothing. I love how the knits, textures, and prints look so clean and crisp against the white background. A lot of these tops didn’t
hit U.S. stores, which I can’t understand because I think the demand would’ve been there. I am HIGHLY craving the lace ones, but I need to stay strong and gear up for Fall! Check out my first
post for more Isabel Marant styling from The New Guard.

First Row – Wona knit + Amos tank / Bim top + Roxi shorts

Second Row – Rosalie top + Roxi shorts / Bud top + Bruce shorts

Third Row – Luz top + Roxi shorts / Winter dress + Amos tank 

Images via TheNewGuard


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