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“Stubborn. I can even say narrow-minded. I am Aries and when I believe in something, I 
never give up, I go for it. Human. People touch me and interest me. I have sometimes 
the impression to be an imposture, “Isabel Marant” is always put forward, but without 
all the people around me, “she” is nothing. And impatient. I want everything, 
right away, every time.” – Isabel Marant on her character

A big thanks to Marie for translating this for me! 

Image // here // Interview via Marie Claire France Apr ’13

“I will always go to things that make me feel comfortable. Being a woman I’ve got a very honest eye
on woman, I don’t have any fantasy. Sometimes I can create things that are beautiful but I say,
“When am I going to wear that?” Every morning when I open my cupboard I need some clothes,
I don’t need some clothes to go to awards or whatever, because it’s once a year.” – Isabel Marant 

Image // here // Interview // here

It’s about that time people! I’m really hoping for a better collection than SS13 to be honest so I’m eager to see what Isabel puts out. As you already know, I’ll post the show as soon as it’s
available so please write in and let me know what you think overall.
Check out my Facebook and Twitter tomorrow as well!

Illustration via themarantphiles

This photo is hands down the best one I’ve seen of Isabel so far. It is truly perfect down to the wispiness of her hair and her signature bun. Isabel in addition to other female designers
like Stella McCartney and Gaia Repossi are being featured in Anja Rubik’s second issue of
her magazine titled 25. Read more about Anja’s idea behind the mag here

Image via Nowness

“When I see a woman wearing my clothes, I’m always amazed to see such a wide branch of kind of women that are wearing my clothes in very different ways, but I think it’s one of the side of my collection I really like. It’s that you can really reinterpret my clothes with your own style,
you don’t have to wear it head to toe to look good. You can pick up a piece and style it in your
own way, and I think it’s important to leave a space for everyone’s way of life and way of
approaching garment.” – Isabel Marant

Images & Video by Damian Bao via StyleCartel

“My most treasured garment is a vintage American sweatshirt from California. I have two,
in white and gray. They’re like my comfort blankets. When I don’t want to think about
what to wear—which is the case every morning—I put on a pair of slim corduroys
and a sweatshirt. It is my uniform. When you work with clothes all day long, 
the last thing you want to do is get dressed up yourself.” – Isabel Marant

Image & Interview via TheWallStreetJournal


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