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Hey marant philers :). After a year and a half of keeping the marant philes up and running, I’ve
decided to stop the blog. I’m really sorry to those of you who draw inspiration from it, the feedback
I’ve gotten has been so positive, and I’ve felt a lot of support from you just emailing to say how
much you loved seeing all things Marant. I’ve grown more as a blogger over the past year, wanting
to blog about a variety of fashion-related topics so I decided to start a  second, more personal blog. It’s just become more clear to me that my other blog is where I want to focus all my efforts.
So again, I’m sorry to disappoint, but I hope some of you understand.

I’m going to take down tMP’s twitter and facebook page, but the blog will remain online for awhile.
I wish you all the best!

  1. oooh I loved this blog, but I will read the other one, too, because I think you deserve it. thanks!

  2. laila said:

    best of luck! I’ve made the switch as well! :)

  3. Oh, that’s really sad to hear! I really loved your Marant Philes blog, but I totally understand. Must have been a lot of work to maintain the blog. I will visit your other blog and look forward to your posts there! All the best Aliya! You’ve done an excellent job, really! Kayin

  4. freida said:

    I have just visited your new blog and I am an instant follower, wherever you go…I follow, lol:)
    You did great on this blog and pity for IM, you sure were a great publicity for her.
    Off to your other blog, see you over there, dear

  5. Oh, that’s so sad! I was a silent reader, and always use your blog as reference for all things Marant! Hope it stays up for a long time. Meanwhile, just wandered over to your blog, and love it!

  6. MEJ said:

    Oh good luck, I’m really sad as i LOVE this blog i visit it every day. I will definitely follow your other one!

  7. kaleiv said:

    I loved this blog and will miss it but am looking forward to reading your new one. Good luck with your new venture! Thanks for your dedication!

  8. wllw said:

    I’ve been loving the photos that you posted here but life moves from season to season. Looking forward to see more personal you ;)

  9. You are my favorite blog. I read it at each post. From Belgium 😉

  10. Rena said:

    Oh, what a pity! I love your blog so much and I got so many inspiration from it! But I can understand you, sometimes it´s necessary to focus. Wish you many success with your personal blog <3

    xx from Bavaria, Rena


  11. Aliya, I absolutely commend you for making the choice to focus on your personal blog. It’s been an absolute pleasure reading The Marant Philes, but I have to say that I’m enjoying Aesthetic.Li just as much because I like that it gives me a better insight into your own sense of style. It makes perfect sense that you made this decision and of course I’m supporting you all the way! Thanks for making this blog what it was and I’m looking forward to seeing whats in store for you with the new one! :)


  12. Tizzylish said:

    Another one bites the dust…good luck…

  13. Brenda said:

    I agree with Theresa. It’s something I find my self doing. I put a lot of focus on other people’s work/feelings and acomlishments before my own. I love your other blog, although I thoroughly enjoyed Marant Philes, even the name was rather catchy. I commend you on all the effort it must have taken to maintain and also locate key pieces and up and coming campaigns. I really wish the Marant offices noticed. Anyway moving swiftly forward and to build on better things, I for one look forward to the evolution of your other blog, also, we can gauge your personal style and persona much better there anyway!

    All the best Aliya xx

  14. Caroline P said:

    Today – show day – is when I loved seeing the comments and thoughts of other Marantites around the world. I miss your blog! Wishing you the best

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