Past Fall Collections

After reading your comments on Isabel’s FW13 Collection, it got me thinking more about the two views that have surfaced very strongly. One view being that her most recent collection is a return
to the Marant aesthetic, while the other totally disagrees and sees very little “Marant” in the collection. This difference in opinion prompted me to take on a much longer project than I initially
anticipated (isn’t that how it always goes) by highlighting some looks from her past Fall shows.
Of course, the disclaimer has to be that I’ve chosen 5 out of 40-50+ looks so there is
variability or continuity that I may not have accounted for, but overall, 
I tried to picks looks that were a summary of each collection. 

In the end, was FW13 really a return to Parisian chic or the “Marant aesthetic?”

Images via StyleBistro, NYMag, Elle,
Collages via themarantphiles

  1. Sonia said:

    To me, it’s a nice “back to basics” evolution of her style… in french, we call it “le changement dans la continuité”… and those boots… season after season, her skill for shoe designing remains truly amazing !

  2. My fave collections are 2009-2010. I think that the new collection still looks VERY marantish – just with a monochrome palette (which I like) – but to me her collections are starting to look all too similar which means a little boring.
    I used to love her clothes also because they were “couture” but quite more affordable than other designers… for the prices she has now you can really find something more spectacular, new and with better quality somewhere else. Other designers are experimenting great things. I feel like she is just sitting on her success right now and that makes IM less appealing for me.
    With one exception: her shoes.

    • I am so agree with you in this. I loooove her collection from 2009. That was so great!

      But I am so still into her shoes…ah…her shoes. I finally got the Lazio boots and I am in total happiness when they arrive.


  3. Looking at those pictures, I would say that it seems indeed a back to her initial aesthetics (collection 2003). However, her evolution after then has been oriented towards prints, embroideries and an ethnic-chic style; and this represents more than 80% of her work this decade and the reason for her worldwide success. Thus, I still believe that the next FW collection is not representative of the Isabel Marant aesthetics’ I have been used to.

  4. D said:

    Great retrospective post! Really gives us a good picture of where she’s been going the past 10 years. Thanks :)

  5. I guess for me personally it just has a different look and feel from all the things I really liked about the collections that initially drew me to her line.


  6. Kelly said:

    With Fall 2013 I feel she started on a new trajectory. Personally I don’t dislike it, I just don’t like it as much as her previous collections (especially 2005, 2007, and 2008-2012) It may grow on me though. Nevertheless I can’t wait to see the new Etoile

    Thank you so much for putting this together!

  7. It is just a great post. Thanks for doing this.

    I still love her clothes but her shoes are the greatest.

    I think I can count 5 pair of IM shoes in my closet and I dont think it will stop for now :-)


  8. ieler said:

    2009 & 2010 are hands down her best collection

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