Ladies, I don’t know…

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  1. I like it. Its much less ‘theme’ than the last few collections. Certain pieces are very wearable (I’d wear them now) and will slot neatly into my wardrobe. Love the short boots. Do not like the slit sweaters at all. Also like the nude/black/navy palette. Not revolutionary in any way but classic Marant for me

  2. I am so disapointed! This collection doesn’t make me dream. Besides some coats and jackets, everything else is so quiet, even boring. This is not the IM I know.

    • Kat said:

      I totally agree. “It doesn’t make me dream” is a good fact. It’s totally uninspired!

  3. Jeni said:

    I love every minute of it!! Effortless, classic & oh so chic!

  4. I guess it’s not revolutionary, but I like it! I think it’s a very wearable collection and I particularly like the coats, although they must be very expensive. Also like the knee high boots, reminds me of the Lazios.

  5. cv said:

    No new concepts- everything I’ve seen before on an earlier piece cut/sewn a bit differently. I would imagine the next S/S would pretty much be the same thing- leggy skirts, semi sheer Ts, boots, something with studs/lace.

  6. Marguerite/@chicspace said:

    Classic Isabel, and wonderful (especially in comparison to the snorefest that most of FW13-14 has been). Start teasing apart each look and there are wonderful pieces in each part. The navy pieces are wonderful. The pieced skirts might be a challenge, but I’m up for it.

  7. We wish there was more color, craft and detail! The boots with the straps look AWESOME!! But I really don’t need another black coat or cream sweater. Maybe there’s more to it just can’t see it in the photos? Happy weekend babe! mwahh xoxoBeckerman girls

  8. Erica said:

    I was so so disappointed! I think it looks like anything you could get from All Saints. I saw none of the Marant personality that is normally so recognisable in her collections. I just hope the sneakers are good!!! Haha.



  9. I love the calf hair boots. I guess an extension of the Lazio boots which I missed out on so I’ll definitely be buying these. I also really like the wrap skirts.

  10. Bianca said:

    I love it.Everything she does is always pretty wearable,minimalistic and chic.
    If I had the money I would wear IM clothes all day,everyday.
    I love this women.

  11. Tinneke said:

    A disappointment for me too. No stand-out pieces, the girls look dull. Where are the powerfull, cool IM girls? I was always the first in line to sign up for her waiting list but it’s not for me this time.

  12. I love certain pieces but it feels very Helmut Lang/Daryl k – ish to me…I love streamlined clothing but expect more from her line. Just kind of blah except for the coats – you can always count on the coats.

  13. Liberty said:

    You may have to rename the blog: The Dries Philes

  14. I feel that she was trying to go in a different direction from previous collections, and I commend her for attempting to try something new. But overall, this collection didn’t really resonate with me or have that IM touch to it. There were some pieces that I liked, but as a whole, it was just okay especially in comparison to other fall shows that I totally loved.


    • elina said:

      Very wearable but so not Marant. Somehow it looks like Alexander Wang to me – this is so not French chic as she used to be.
      Yes the coats are nice, but they are too copy-able. I think there will be no difficulty, at all, to find similar, cheaper alternatives in chain stores like H&M and Zara.

  15. I’m with the disappointed group. Don’t get me wrong, the looks are minimalistic and wearable but there isn’t anything that really stands out or that I would identify as being classic style IM. Considering I’m sure everything will come with a pretty ample price tag, I don’t think the outlay will be worth it. Nothing you couldn’t find elsewhere really.

  16. Julia said:

    Disapointing, I dont recognize IM touch! The scratch wedges already seen…

  17. sanstae said:

    so so disapointed… no IM touch and no ethnic touch. nothing…

    • Liberty said:

      totally agree

  18. Amanda said:

    I actually like it, it’s a great addition to those complex pieces you already have in your wardrobe from her. Simplicity by Isabel Marant.

  19. Jenlan said:

    I think it’s very sophisticated and chic. I always loved the feel and the seemingly simple cut of her more basic clothes. You can wear them for years. In fact, they are not simple AT ALL. They are always perfect, and I think this collection is timeless and perfect too and it will make women look beautiful without effort….

  20. wendy said:

    my favorite outfit is the one on her. very nice! :P

  21. Astrid said:

    I’m not boiling over with excitement and inspiration looking at this collection, but it’s not that I wouldn’t want to wear it.

  22. It’s time for you to start thinking about following another designer if you don’t like any longer what she did this time.
    All the above comments are mostly negative. My feeling is that this collection will be wearable on a daily basis. And the IM touch is still there in the cuts, the silhouettes are recognizable at once. That’s what counts.

  23. Kendall said:

    I love it – it’s so wearable, reminds me of what Isabel was doing before the Americana collections of the last few years…it looks just what the cool girls in Paris would lounge around in, and for me, that it what Isabel has always been about. TBH, I prefer it more than the last few seasons.

  24. Debbie said:

    I loved the fact that most of it was so wearable. Usually I really love love love IM’s shoes, and I like to watch the clothes, but they just don’t match my personal style (a bit too feminine, besides the oversized coats etc.. love them a lot). Anyway, this time I liked the collection more than I usually do, but still wasn’t WOW-ed by it. But Gosh.. those high shaft ponyhair boots.. come to mama ;)


  25. frifri63 said:

    Another disappointed one here. Mixed feelings actually. Totally wearable but quite boring. I am already a RO and A Wang/ HLang fan so the minimalist in me is already fed :) Um, she could’ve done a wee bit more creative speaking. But I love her and I know I’l get used to the collection and I saw a coat that has to come home with me:)

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