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“L.A. has such amazing sky and light. It would be a shame not to enjoy it…The shop is exactly where and how I wished it would be—my little cabin in L.A…The store isn’t only a place where
we sell clothes; it’s also where we share a certain lifestyle.” – Isabel Marant

Thanks to Theresa, I found some great photos of Isabel’s new L.A. store that just opened last Thursday. It definitely looks like a sort of retail retreat. This boutique is an absolute to do
next time I find myself in California. I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year’s!!!

Images via SvenDreesbach (although I really got them from T’s blog)
Interview via

  1. Sonia said:

    Happy new year Aliya and to all of you fellow IM ladies ! It couldn’t start better with such an inspiring place… I’ll be in L.A. in may, can’t wait to pay a visit there !

  2. Yes! Indeed it’s looks great! By the way, I’ve got a question for you! I know you made another blog and I can’t find it anymore…what’s the name/link of it! ;)
    With love,


  3. That is such a great quote and it’s nice to hear the store turned out how she was hoping!


  4. WNY said:

    What a beautiful boutique! Xo

  5. Sophie said:

    A very nice place. And quiet. What a contrast if we consider the buzz about Isabel’s clothes !

  6. Omg!!!! It looks stunning!! We just came back from L.A and it opened the day after we left!!
    WaAAAAH! Would have loved to see it!
    Sooo gorg! Happppy New Year!! Mwah!!
    Lots of hugs!!
    Xx Caillianne and Samantha

  7. Sven made some amazing pics of the store! It really looks like amazing!

  8. We left LA the day it opened at 6AM, so it wasn’t possible to pop in…but we walked by it and it’s a GORRRRGEOUS store!!! Can’t wait to shopppppppppp when we’re back!!! It’s too cool! Such fabbb pics!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

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