Once again, I need to take a deep breath and process this all. I feel like a madwoman right now
after waiting for these photos to post. Deep Breath. Looks 8 and 43 are my faves at first glance!
What do you think?

Images via Style

  1. Victoria said:

    Hmmm, mixed feelings but it’ll grow on me? Any idea when we get a first look at her Etoile SS13 collection?

  2. I’m not so sure about all the paisley but I do love the first and last few looks! And I think some of the models are a bit too skinny, but that’s just my opinion. x

  3. The tops in looks 31, 36 and 41 are extremely wearable. I am a little offput but the psychedelic looks in the middle but otherwise love most of it. :D

  4. Love all the Paisley looks.
    Very curious to see what will be in the Etoile collection….

  5. love that suede skirt/skort (?) in 25! I am a sucker for her lace up dresses (she seems to be one of the few people who can pull “lace up” without a trashy feeling) so I am loving 28 & 34!! And if I owned 35 I would want to wear it everyday all summer long! Cannot wait to see etoile! Kim

  6. I love it! Especially the dresses have really caught my eye! :) Kayin

  7. Laura said:

    I would go as far as saying that I love this collection so much more than the last one! I am obsessed with so many things, especially the ankle strap sandals, the shorts, the 7/8 pants, and some of the asymmetric tops and rompers. The one coat is absolutely stunning She brought back a lot of things that were trendy 10 years ago and that I really really loved wearing, thought it does have this timeless hippie/boho feeling. Obsessed with the prints and the colour palette she used

    3,19, 23, and 25 are my favourites. In love!!

    Paint me in the landscape

  8. Really adore a lot of it – however a lot way too short for me! Love looks 22, paisley lace blouse, 29, 30, 38, 41. Really good detail shots on Vogue UK, the stud shoes are killing me, absolutely great. The collection always grows on me so think I will be wild for this by January.

    From the etoile shots I saw the print I mentioned not being sure of was of the hibiscus style so fits in with this Hawaii look

  9. Too many good looks to chose from! I like it sexy and chic, clean white but with embroidery, thus my favourits are 28 32 34 36 38 but I also love the body in look 6 (which I would never wear myself however) and the coat in look 16 (even though I hate pastel pink colour!) ;)

  10. There is so much awesomeness in her SS13 collection that I’m having a hard-time pinpointing a fave, but I’m crazy about those flared pants! Digging the prints, her use of colors, and the varied silhouettes! Love it! Sooo looking forward to seeing the Etoile line too! :)

    Happy Friday Aliya! Have an awesome weekend!


  11. martha said:

    She still makes the best mini skirts out there !!! And the color palette is just perfect for spring !

  12. Ali said:

    So far, I really like the clothes but am most focused on the gorgeous sandals!!

  13. flower71 said:

    I really love this collection, though the skirts and dresses are way too short for me:)I Guess I’ll have the ankle sandals and a few tops, just so exciting!

  14. After sleeping on it, I have a nicer idea about this collection. I’m not too fond about the first part (Hawaiian designs and usual silhouettes). Strangely enough i’d go for the white and grey outfits, N° 33 being my favourite.

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