Isabel Marant

As you know, Isabel’s show is coming up this Friday! Just wanted to give you a heads up that I’ll
post her entire collection as soon as I can for your viewing pleasure. I’ll also try not to flood
your Twitter feeds with all things Marant, but I tend to lose all sense of balance during the time
around her show. What are you hoping to see from her collection? 

Illustration via themarantphiles

  1. Julia said:

    As summer collection, I would say that she will perfectly let the legs appear with shorty touch (dress, skirt,jean shorts) After, i know that she might create a theme as usual.. inspired by travels? Asian touch?

  2. Hoping for a bit sexier collection than last year… Tie-dye pants, heavy knits etc. didn’t really appeal to me…. I hope to see true parisian chic looks like back in her AW 2010 collection- sexy, stylish, effortless… chic! Lace, jewelled pieces, nude and black colours, light jeans, small jackets would be some examples… + of course some super stylish statement shoes with a comfortable, walkable heel! ;)

  3. I tend to gravitate a lot to her printed pieces, so I’m interested to see what type of prints she’ll use this time around. So excited for the show! :)


  4. Simply can’t wait to see, especially the shoes she will be showing for next season! xx

  5. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with. Flood away via Twitter! It’s the only way I keep track on what’s happening.

  6. Ali said:

    I’m with you that I’m looking forward to moving on from cowboy-land (though I love her latest collection). I’m interested in seeing the overall aesthetic of the collection. And then I’ll watch as it gradually takes me over and makes me yearn for nearly every piece! It’ll also be interesting to see if she inspires any new shoe trends (the fact that her bulky sneakers are all the rage- even for me- shows what a powerful vision she has!).

  7. WNY said:

    So excited! Can’t wait to see what she came up with this time! Xo

    – -

  8. Manue said:

    70s inspirations:

    Flare Jeans…

    What do we win if we are right ? :) lol

    • You win a virtual pat on the back! :) I don’t know how I feel about 70s inspiration, I don’t want themes anymore! – Aliya :)

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