The Philes @ LFW Take II

So this week seems to be a series of double posting, but once I saw Isabel’s Lindsey jacket from yesterday in this phile’s overall look, I had to feature her! This outfit is like the definition
of casual cool, and although I wasn’t much of a fan of all the western influences for AW12,
I’m DEFINITELY a big fan of this jacket. Now where to find it…

Image via StockholmStreetstyle

  1. The first time I saw this jacket against a white background, I thought …yuck! Now that she’s styled it so beautifully, I really like it. I think that’s always the case with IM clothes.

  2. I love the street style perspective for this very reason. Sometimes I see something on the runway and I hate it but then I see it months later out and about and I need – want – love! That jacket is fantastic!

  3. I really love this jacket because although it has that western touch, it doesn’t appear costumey at all to me. It’s just such a gorgeous piece! Hope u find it Aliya! It’d look awesome on you!


  4. Jessie said:

    She looks so beautiful – love this jacket.

  5. She looks cool- loving the alaia? Peep toe booties the most- didn’t see that coming at all

  6. Fami said:

    This jacket is georgeus
    You can find it at eBay

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