Spotlight: Theresa

Chances are you already know about Theresa’s blog, especially if you’re a lover of IM.
Her wardrobe is well-stocked with IM in lots of neutral tones (a girl after my own heart),
and her outfits are so versatile for any out-and-about occasion.
She is one of the most supportive bloggers I’ve met in the cyber world and
has been with tMP from the beginning so I’m sending her much love and a big thanks 
for keeping us marantphiles inspired!

1. Isabel Marant Ulyse jacket and Itzel tie-dye jeans

2. Isabel Marant Darwin jacket

3. Isabel Marant Itzel snake-print jeans

Images via TheHabit

  1. Tina said:

    You are so right about her! She is an incredible girl!

  2. Sónia said:

    Love Theresa! Glad you’re featuring her here.

  3. Laura said:

    Theresa is one of my top favorite bloggers. I love her sense of style, I think she’s beautiful and that she irradiates her personality in her blog posts. I discovered her blog some weeks ago, I went through it all and it became an instant favorite. Theresa deserves a lot of love! She seems like a very sweet and down-to-earth person. Just love her! x

    Paint me in the landscape

  4. Kristi said:

    She always looks beautiful and is one of the sweetest ladies ever! Great post. xx

  5. Love this feature about Theresa! Not only does she have the greatest sense of style and a great collection of IM, she truly is the sweetest person in cyberspace and in real life. She’s very down to earth, intelligent and she’s very kind at heart. I am a big fan of her blog!

  6. Thank you once again Aliya for this absolutely amazing honor and awesome post! You are so sweet, and I appreciate it so much!! And thanks to everyone for your incredibly lovely comments! :))


  7. anna macasa said:

    Love here as well… rocking her outfits and the soul of an angel!

  8. Teresa said:

    Yay for featuring Theresa! Like everyone said, she is the absolute sweetest blogger and has a fabulous sense of style. She looks great in everything, but her outfits are also completely wearable and modern. Plus, she’s got a pretty cool name too. ;-)

  9. I love that you have featured Theresa’s gorgeous style. She is such a sweetheart and has an amazing eye.


  10. What’s not to love about the gorgeous Theresa! She has truck loads of style and I couldn’t agree more with you. What an amazing, friendly and supportive person she is. Theresa definitely rocks the Isabel Marant.

    xx Mandi

  11. flower71 said:

    Ok, another fan here! I just love how sweet she is and how she rocks IM!

  12. Stephanie said:

    Love to see that such a kind person is receiving recognition for her amazing style and personality!

  13. I discovered The-habit blog when I was on the hunt for my beloved Beckett wedge sneakers- which Theresa has in Black and rocks them very well. I also saw her on Golestanah’s blog too. I really like the Spotlight segment of your blog and it’s something I definitely plan to incorporate into mine later on. Sharing is caring!

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