1. Roisin said:

    they are perfect! need these in my life.. it’s all i’ve been thinking about for the last while actually:-)

  2. WNY said:

    Love those black bazil sneakers! Wouldn’t mind them at all.. Xo

    – wnyfashion.blogspot.com -

  3. hannah said:

    I have these for sale, size 38 brand new in box plus 2 dust bags and receipt available, bought in london aime boutique, black pyton and suede black leather, email me for details and pictures, hannah30@blueyonder.co.uk thanks, I have asked for permission to post this :)

  4. I always love her pics and still loving my Bazils! :)

    Happy Friday babe!


  5. She’s one of my favorite bloggers. I tried to ignore wedge sneakers but the trend just got bigger and better so I caved in! Love these Bazils on Shini

  6. Beautiful pictures and love the Bazils. Can’t believe I am still waiting for mine.

  7. The Bazils are absolutey amazing. I’m loving the feature on Park&Cube. She is absolutely brilliant

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