• I know right?! This is my ideal off-duty look- feminine with an edge- I love the length of the skirt/dress

  1. I’m sure Isabel purposely created these sneakers in different shapes and colours to make us want to collect them all …

  2. She looks so stylish in this outfit and those sneakers are the finishing touch! :)

  3. LOVE! I still cannot for the life of me figure out where to buy them, as every single time I go to a site to purchase they are sold out of every size and color! Le sigh….

  4. Beyond kick ass colours and she is so vibrant and cool! Side braid is so perfect with the cozy sweater. Love the easy and relaxed styling! And the pics are “on the go” and really effortless! Love ya! kisses!
    xo Beckerman Girls


  5. I’ve had the first picture in my inspiration folder since a long time now, I love how she totally rocks a really feminine skirt with those huge sneakers!

  6. Hannah said:

    Hi, i have asked permission to post this- i have the black basil sneakers, brand new in box size 38, receipt available, black python, dust bags and box available.Please email me for details -hannah30@blueyonder.co.uk.Thank You.

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