1. Some people have the know-how, she’s surely one of them. And it’s also easier when you have an nice wardrobe…

  2. I couldn’t agree more with what you’d said. I’m inspired by women who rotate the same pieces in their outfits but creating a fresh look each time. Thank you for sharing her blog. I’m off to check it out now.

  3. I discovered her not long time ago and she’s really inspiring! And I agree with you with “remixing clothing”. I always wanted to write a post about the fact that there are so many bloggers wearing their pieces for one time and never again. I think they do not LOVE their clothing. If you like something, you want to wear it more than once!

  4. Tina said:

    Ahh she looks lovely indeed!

  5. Anne said:

    Ok, where this world is going, if the girl who wears a pair of shoes more than once is started to be admired for ‘mixing clothes and loving fashion’?? So these days, it is not normal to wear things more than once ?
    Yeah, did you notice she wears 4 pairs of same shoes but in different colors? ‘Such a fashion lover’.
    (but not hating, this is internet)

  6. Aziza is one of my faves for sure! She has one of the most amazing wardrobes and not only is she super stylish, but she’s a sweetie too, which makes her even more awesome! :)

    Happy Friday babe!


  7. Lies said:

    I always envy women like her because obviously they have the money to buy clothes like this (and I don’t) but she also has an innate sense of style, no one can deny that. Classic yet very daring! Another great discovery on your part, thanks! :)

  8. She looks so cute and stylish in these pics. Also, she really knows how to rock IM sneakers. I definitely will be checking out her blog! Have a great weekend Aliya! xx

  9. These pics are awesome!!! LOVE all of her looks…such fab styling! Also, we just added you to our blogroll cause you know how much we LOVE your blog! IT’s really something special!
    kisses xoBeckerman gals

  10. Aziza said:

    Thank you for all the lovely comments!!! xx Aziza

  11. freida said:

    Just checked her blog, this girl has got “it”, meaning she has the sense of style I adore. Obviously, her wardrobe is TDF and her family seems just as stylish too. Great find, thanks for sharing. Love your blog and style too BTW:) bises

  12. I just visited her blog, and I really like the pictures, the simplicity and off course the look! Damn, that girl has lots of IM sneakers!

    XxX A.

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