The Knits

Isabel’s knits were really some of my favorite pieces from Spring. I’ve already posted about them
here and here, but I just can’t help basking in their beauty every time I see one in print.
I know some pieces are just meant for runway reverie, but these knits were the unsung heroes
in my opinion
 that never really got a chance to make it into our wardrobes. To be honest,
I don’t know where I would’ve worn one…the beach?
 A $1500 knit on the beach?
I guess I would’ve liked to entertain the possibility, but the price left me right where I am now,
just looking at these editorials. Big sigh. :)
 Now if anyone did buy one of these beauties,
please send me a photo!   

Images One, Two, Three, Four, Five

  1. ingridbistaco said:

    nice !! I want one :P

  2. Lauren said:

    I TOTALLY fell head over heels for those macrame knits of her spring collection. They were my fav piece of the entire collection. Its always so disappointing not being able to realize the dream but yeah I probably would have struggled to style it and on me it would look more hippie mom than bohemian chic.

  3. I can imagine myself walking on the long beaches in the north of France, warmly clad with one of these sweaters to protect me from the wind. But as my purse is not stretchable, that’s why I knitted one…

  4. Joanna said:

    The only thing I love about welcoming autumn and cooler weather is that I get to see new knits in stores, love wearing them. Great designs.

  5. Not only are they gorgeous but they’re also timeless. They seem like the sort of knit you could wear forever. Maybe that warrants the price? ;) Hehe. We’ll just live vicariously through those that have them!


  6. R.W. said:

    i had an opportunity to try one on. They’re pretty to look at, but super heavy to the point of being impractical.

  7. Oh men I already loved that knit but I didn’t even know about the first one, that it came in those colors as well! Definitely my favorite, I love big knits!

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