1. Sandra probably knows? Did you try to ask her directly ? Though you’d better try via email address (she gets so many comments after each post…). Good luck in your research !

    xx Françoise

  2. I saw quite a few of these sandals on sale at Selfridges. They look fantastic on these ladies but I’m not sure I can pull them off.

    • Thanks Helle, I found that, too, but still no name! I contacted IM in NYC and they were unable to tell me either. It’s a mystery…. :)

  3. I really like this version with the double strap. :) I’m falling more and more for that super chunky wedge! :)


  4. She looks great in those sandals. I think I would break my neck wearing and tripping in them. Unfortunately I can’t help out with the name of these sandals. I hope you manage to track down that name soon! :) xx Kayin

  5. Dag said:

    They look very heavy, Handy wedge sandals are more subtle.. Btw, maybe these are the first no name shoes?:D

  6. Mel said:

    They’re called ‘Zeo’! :)

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