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Such a perfect, classic silhouette, but this is nothing new right. Really, I’ve just been on a red
shoe kick lately, and this shade of Isabel’s heels gives these looks some much needed energy.
In my opinion, Yasmin Sewell does it best, but my major girl crush on her
could be clouding my judgment at the moment. :)

Images One, Two, Three, Four
Source for Two: For All The Shoes 

I’ve featured Isabel’s Gunay brocade jacket before, but it makes more sense to me the way
Isabelle from Caroline’s Mode styles it here. Both of these looks are effortlessly cool,
and I love how the silver isn’t overpowering the other pieces.  
How great are those leopard sneaks?!?

Images One, Two

I LOVE this editorial from Contributing Editor. Isabel’s clothes look perfect on this young model,
and these photos show just how versatile, age-wise, Isabel’s clothes can be, assuming

money is no object for a young adolescent. Such strong styling, even down to Isabel’s
necklaces as headbands. LOVE it.

Images via ContributingEditor


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