1. Lauren said:

    I love the way they look. The straps look like leather friendship bracelets.

  2. Brenda said:

    thinking of getting those sandals. Im sorry Ididnt get back to you re my question. I shall email you over the weekend xx

  3. I definitely prefer Aimee’s look with these Rio sandals. For The Blond Lettuce, oups, Salad, it’s just another show-off case…

  4. I love them on Aimee, especially with the rest of what she’s wearing. Somehow I just can’t like Chiara’s outfits anymore. It’s all designer, gifted, thrown together because designer clothing looks good anyway, and well.. I think she lost her style a little somehow..
    Happy friday love!

  5. Love these sandals! They’re surprisingly versatile, but then again, that’s one of the many things that I love about Isabel’s pieces! :)

    Hope u have a great weekend sweetie! :)


  6. ah love these sandals soo much.. didn’t get them as I thought the straps would make my legs look shorter, doesn’t seem to affect these ladies though:) lovely blog you have here too!

  7. They both look great in these sandals! The nude color fits their skintone perfectly. :) xx Kayin

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