1. Really liking those Bobby sneakers. They look great on her. xx Kayin

  2. Lovely pictures! I’m really starting to like the Bobby sneakers as well, especially in white.

    XxX A.

  3. Lies said:

    I really love the Bobby’s actually, the more often I see them, the worse it gets. How much do they retail for?

  4. Sarah said:

    Everything about this outfit. AMAZING.

  5. Great pictures! That’s such a sweet little outfit she’s wearing, and I just love the Bobby’s in that shade! :)

  6. Oh, the bobby’s.. You can stop posting about them now because everytime you post about them I regret more not getting them. Who knows, they’ll be back in fall right?

  7. Great feature. How adorable does she look and all chilled out.

  8. KIM said:

    Oh still obsessing over the bobby’s! and how great would it be to switch my bekkets for the bobby’s this fall ;) Do you know where to order (online) the bobby’s for upcoming fall? thanks in advance!




    • I think the usual e-tailers will have them (NAP, MyTheresa, etc). Start looking out for them this month, and I’ll email links on my Facebook page when I see what comes in! – Aliya :)

  9. Lauren said:

    I like how the bobby makes the feet look tiny!

  10. Dag said:

    Great photos:) The Bobby sneakers in that shade are finally mine!

  11. Dana said:

    What colour are the bobby sneakers in this pic?

      • A said:

        Love these! Trying to figure out if they are from the current season??? From pictures I have seen so far, the taupe this season looks darker than these.

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