Sneakers 101

Is it just me or is Isabel playing with us by creating more names for her sneakers? It seems like the “Willow” is out and the “Bazil” and “Bird” are in. And then there’s the “Bekett,” which I always
thought was the “Bekket,” but now I think I’m playing a game of “Words with Sneakers.” No matter what she calls them, what we do know is they’re still perfect in every way! You just can’t beat that silhouette. Luisa Via Roma still has some available for pre-order, and other major sites will be
releasing theirs soon so stay on top of it. The red, blue, and black ones are a hot commodity.

Illustrations via the marant philes
Images via LuisaViaRoma

  1. You choose a right name, when you do choose a color :)))) I went for an old school: Bekett

  2. The excitement for these sneakers has reached boiling point at Neilson Boutique with people calling on a daily basis to see if the delivery has come.These are the original and the best.

    • carla said:

      where???? I am trying but can’t figure out where on line! Luisaviaroma just has big numbers. I am lusting over the blue and the red … not sure what to choose. Advice?

      • The blue and red ones sold out so you’ll have to wait for other e-sites/boutiques to get her sneakers. Which color are you usually more drawn to in general? I’m drawn to blues more than reds, but that’s just me. – Aliya :)

      • I bought them on Espejto but they’re sold out there as well :(
        But I think they will pop up on some other online boutiques soon!

      • carla said:

        If I miss them again I will go MAD! Anyways … think i will go for the blue and … i am considering a second pair in anthracite …!

  3. Emma said:

    I love the colours of the Bazil sneaker but I already have the Betty sneakers so I’m not sure if I can justify buying another pair! x

  4. I really adore the sneakers, but this season I wasn’t so sure about the colors. I’m kinda waiting for the next season to buy me a pair. Hope I don’t regret!

  5. Loving these sneakers! Made a down payment for a pair of Bazil and a pair of Bobbys/Bettys in February already and now anxiously waiting for the call! :)

  6. I’m loving the black Bazil – they python texture is really cool! :)

  7. kim said:

    Love the Bazil and the last Bekett!

  8. Dag said:

    The Bekett in anthracite – perfect!

  9. I really need some red pumped up kicks like the Bekett ;) Good stuff!


  10. I’m not a particular fan of the gold ones but boyyyy the black Bazil and grey Bekett! Sooo good. It’s confusing indeed since I honestly can’t see the difference besides the color! xxxxx

  11. The longer the trend, the more diluted it gets. (but that’s my opinion. I prefer the original models).
    Nice week to you, Françoise.

  12. mariedewet said:

    And where are the Betty one?

  13. I couldn’t help laughing reading your post. I can’t keep track of the names either. They’re the same shoes so why not just stick to the original name?

  14. Tina said:

    Oh Aliya you keep so up to date with IM !! And thank you so much for that ;)

  15. Lauren said:

    I probably wont get my hands on any so I can stop thinking about them!

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