Jess Blanch Take II

So I like this look. I really do. Well, a lot more than the previous one I posted. Maybe it’s her hair or
just the overall quirkiness, but she looks comfortable and unpretentious, and I can appreciate that. There’s definitely a similar theme throughout both outfits (pair something very casual, and I mean housecleaning-kind-of-casual with luxurious and beautifully distracting pieces). In this case, the beautifully distracting piece is Isabel’s Mamum goat hair coat, which on paper I wouldn’t think I
love, but in a photograph I do!

Images via VanessaJackman

  1. She looks really cool! That coat looks great on her. :) xx Kayin

  2. Such a cool coat! Really liked how she styled it casually, indeed better than that last look!

  3. That jacket is definitely a statement piece and it’s cool how she kept the rest of the outfit more relaxed to showcase it. Love those booties she’s wearing too!


  4. Dag said:

    Gorgeous hair! This look is definitely better than the previous one!

  5. Tessa said:

    She looks beautiful with all that extra hair!

  6. Sónia said:

    The coat is not for me, but she’s definitely a cute girl. And the shoes/booties are superb!

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