The New Guard Part II


Without a doubt, The New Guard is my favorite site for styling Isabel’s clothing. I love how the knits, textures, and prints look so clean and crisp against the white background. A lot of these tops didn’t
hit U.S. stores, which I can’t understand because I think the demand would’ve been there. I am HIGHLY craving the lace ones, but I need to stay strong and gear up for Fall! Check out my first
post for more Isabel Marant styling from The New Guard.

First Row – Wona knit + Amos tank / Bim top + Roxi shorts

Second Row – Rosalie top + Roxi shorts / Bud top + Bruce shorts

Third Row – Luz top + Roxi shorts / Winter dress + Amos tank 

Images via TheNewGuard

    • How funny is that! Yeah I go to Mandi, too sometimes with questions! – Aliya :)

  1. Lies said:

    Haha, that encyclopedia comment is so true! I’ve told you before but I love your devotion to this brand and the fact that you share it all with us! And I agree, some online stores just stand out because of their photography :)

  2. I so agree with you Aliya! The styling is absolutely amazing, and I’m so in love w/ the new pieces they just got in!

  3. Tina said:

    Love them all – again..But I agree we should try and be patient for fall ;)

  4. I hate how such good styling makes me crave things I didn’t even knew I liked. Hate it – because it’s going to cost me, probably :P Especially fell in love with that last knit/dress! xx

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