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So I first brought you this photo from Isabel’s F/W 2012-13 Ad campaign, and now here’s a
second ad of Arizona portraying her very best androgynous hipster Elvis in my opinion. :) I’m
really liking this darker blue version from her collection, but I think I’ll indulge more in her Étoile
line this Fall. What do you think of Isabel’s direction with her ads?

Image via DesignScene

One of my favorite, favorite readers, Véronika, sent me this photo of Anais Mali for Elle France.
I love how the waves in the background mimic a tie-dye pattern, which then complements the
tie-dye in Isabel’s dress. And how beautiful is Anais? Beyond beautiful. She’s wearing Isabel’s
Texas dress, and although this color is sold out, there’s still a blue one floating around. After
looking at this cover, it makes total sense to wear this dress as a beach coverup given its
proportional challenges.

Images via TheFrontRowView

From Left to Right

1. Will knit, Irox shorts (@kristi_sikorski), Willows (@manooush), Team tank (@annacherkasova)
2. Bud top, Dickers (@lovemargs), Tizy top (@crybabygirl), Raf top, Pepal pants, Bobbies (@niniloves)
3. Cindy dress (@paigevictoriasmith), Toma dress (@amrefs), Willows (@naseebs)
4. Joey dress (@angelaver), Esso jacket (@she_made_me_do_it), Dickers (@leeserina)
5. Phil tee, Reo pants (@anamikaa), Elise pullover (@fisseline), Willows (@louhayhay)
6. Sailor boots (@_iamerica_), Baker blouse (@johannasteinbirman),  Zaggy cardigan (@wrightsmb)

Images via Webstagram

I’ve been searching and searching and waiting for Isabel’s Fall 2012 Ad Campaign to
be released and finally got my hands on something. And it’s something,
LOVE Arizona’s hair.
I can feel it already, Isabel’s going to make me wear lace this fall…

Image via ModernParty

The first photo is my favorite-favorite, but how could it not be with the Chloe boots and Isabel top! Lately, I’ve been obsessed very drawn to prints and bold colors. I don’t know how overnight one can go from only wearing neutrals/solids to now wanting anything with an ethnic print, but apparently, that’s me. I guess in the end there are more pressing issues in the world, but the idea of a wardrobe overhaul has been taking up a lot of head space at the moment. Okay, back to the editorial – Flare Magazine, July 2012.

1. Isabel Marant Temo top

2. Isabel Marant Wolf jacket

3. Isabel Marant Tuna top (tie-dye)

Images via FashionGoneRogue


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