Etoile AW12

One of my absolute favorite bloggers, Erica, alerted me to these photos of Isabel’s Étoile Fall 2012 collection. You got a first look at her stuff here, but Charlotte has managed to feature a tremendous amount of her upcoming line ranging from scarves to coats. The chunky knits are my top priority, especially the one in the last photo. What are your favorites?

Images via CharlotteforShine
edited by the marant philes

  1. Tina said:

    Hmm it’s hard to pick a favorite..But I ‘d go with the red shaded tweed jacket…I love her jackets.

    • dixielarue said:

      Yes, I like the red-ish tweed jacket but since I have the black/white/gray one in that style the stuff I am so loving are the jackets with the zippers — the cotton ones using the leather jacket template. Always a sucker for anything leather jacket-y. (And sorry for saying “template”.) :)

  2. Thanks for sharing! Love the jackets and the top right knit.

  3. The knits are perfection, but I also love the radness of the zipper details on the jackets :) LOVE.


  4. Teresa said:

    Doh, I already see items I would love to have. That olive military blouse, that red tweed jacket, that red petal skirt dress… Stop tempting me with these photos! ;)

  5. I’m really loving the second jacket in the third row, but overall I’m super excited about this collection! Looks like it’s going to be great!


  6. I’m interested in the orange-red knit. Isabel, here is my phone number : 03 21 27 88 ..bip !
    Thanks for sharing , Aliya !

  7. Love it all, neilson Boutique has brought the big knits and the shirts and the boucle Jacket.Thanks for sharing can’t wait for delivery’s to start.

  8. kim said:

    I really love all of these pieces. The fuzzy sweater coat in the 3rd row is calling my name! Thanks so much for posting this!

  9. I wasn’t too excited about the runway collection – which was good news for my wallet – but I’m loving these Etoile pieces! The first knit screams my name haha. Oh well. Maybe I should find a job :P

  10. Sónia said:

    oh… I think I love everything! What can I do? :)
    if I’ve to prioritise, I’ll go for the white blouse (2nd row) and one of the chunky knits (the red + grey in the 1st row).

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