1. Nice jumper ! and easy to imitate if you have an old skirt waiting in your closet ! Nice too combined with a military vest.
    Have a nice day, Françoise

  2. Omg, what an amazing outfit! This chic’s got style!

  3. I’m truly inspired by these images you’d posted. I often get caught in a rut and ending up wearing the same thing everyday.

  4. Lauren said:

    Love that skirt too. Really hot. x

  5. Anniek said:

    LOVE this! Who knew a denim skirt would look so fashionable. I regret throwing mine out (years ago though).

  6. I’m loving absolutely everything about this outfit! Awesome styling!


  7. I looove that sweater, I’ve been looking for it since it’s quite affordable and sooo me (sweat & fishnet: yay!) but couldn’t really find it anywhere near and I’m still a bit hesitant on buying designer clothes online.. Love how she paired it with that amazing skirt!

  8. the skirt is just a no. but the way she strikes up the pose, or the way this candid is shot is excellent- looks kinda cool actually ;)


  9. Dag said:

    This sweater is really cool, especially for summer days. It seems to be light and airy:)

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