Hedvig & The Ulyse

Okay, so I’ve been featuring Isabel’s Ulyse jacket a lot lately, but when someone (aka Hedvig) can highlight its casual versatility across so many different looks, I have to bring attention to it. Cuffed, uncuffed, or off shoulder, Hedvig’s Ulyse adds a relaxed element to her overall polished looks.
Every time I see her post another outfit wearing it, I can’t help but be thankful that I got my hands
on one. Style ideas abound…

Images via NorthernLight

  1. Debbie said:

    She’s amazing! And so is her coat ;)


  2. Brenda said:

    Love her. You and Hedvig wears yours better than I do that’s for sure! xx

  3. kim said:

    She is ALWAYS so pulled together. I am so upset I never bought that jacket! Great post!

  4. No wonder Ulyse is in demand. It’s a versatile spring jacket. I love how she put her outfits together. I’ve always thought it’s a casual type of jacket but I can see now it can be paired with work clothes.

  5. Logomania said:

    She’s so stylish! Great inspiration!

  6. One of the main things I love about the Ulyse is indeed the versatility and who better than Hedvig to showcase that. I just love her style!


  7. WOWOWOWOW!!! What a jacket—it’s really that gorgeous! And her style is phenomenal….effortless and COOOOOL!!!! I just got the red Idini tie dye jacket and wearing it on our blog today:) think you will get a kick out of it! I can’t stop wearing it..it’s almost a problem!haha Big hug darlin!!!! kisses Aliya
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  8. I love seeing your Ulyse features but EVERYTIME I see them I kick myself for not buying it. Hedvig looks gorgeous as always. It’s such a versatile jacket.

    xx Mandi

  9. Dag said:

    I regret that I didn’t buy this jacket, it’s such a cool and timeless thing:)

  10. Lies said:

    That second outfit is brilliant, perfection = basically my dream outfit! Effortless!

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