Isabel Marant

“I am quite mad about shoes. A shoe is very important; it gives attitude and puts the finishing touch
to a silhouette. In the end, when you look around in the street, 90 per cent of people wear jeans and 
T-shirts. I could have 20 pairs of jeans and 20 pairs of T-shirts that would suit me very well! Hard 
for a designer to say such a thing, but it is the truth…When I come in here I undress, because I try 
on everything. I need to appropriate clothes, to know how I will wear them. On a model, on a 
perfect girl, clothes are frozen.” – Isabel Marant

Marie Claire Australia March 2011
Read full article here

  1. I love this. Shoes are so important indeed, and I love how she designs for the real women and not the model that 90% of the population can’t relate to!

  2. That’s a great article Aliya! I always like hearing her point of view :)


  3. Well I would also wish that we could try her clothes on…most selling places are abroad or in capitals. And website only sell leftovers.

    • In addition to opening up new boutiques, IM’s also looking into selling online so even though you still won’t be able to try on the clothes, you won’t feel like you’re getting leftovers. I think if you can stay up on when the online sites get her stuff in, it won’t feel like you’re getting leftovers or missing out. – Aliya :)

  4. Lauren said:

    I read the whole article. Her clothes are great because they are for everyday. Love your blog and your focus. She just gets it right doesnt she?!

  5. Dag said:

    I love her shoes and clothes just because they look good on real women, not just on models.

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