1. Tina said:

    Oh my God! And mine and mine ;) haha

  2. Brenda said:

    They are beautiful, but not practical enough for me : ( unless they do a wedge or a lower heel… xx

    • L said:

      I actually saw a version with the “Dana boot heel” :)

      • Yeah, there’s an all red one and black with blue stitching. I’ll post those on facebook later today. – Aliya :)

  3. WNY said:

    They are so awesome! I want them too!

  4. Sonia said:

    Nice choice, you’ll surely rock with those beauties Aliya !
    I already pre-ordered the cone-heels ones… but I’ll check your FB later on anyway – ah ! pleasure of the eyes ;-)

  5. Debbie said:

    I’d kill for those :p They’ll look gorgeous on you!


  6. Yay! I can’t wait to see your outfit post with you rockin’ those beauties! :)


  7. Coraline said:

    I really LOVE your blog !!! I come here everyday ;) This is the perfect way to be connect with the Marant’s World ! (Sorry for my english, I come from Belgium!)

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