So these two are top rank in my list of favorite editorials. Both have strong compositions, but I’m
also drawn to Alina Baikova’s structural pose in the first and the graphic sensuality of Abbey Lee Kershaw in the second. Nothing would be more fun than to dress up in IM one day for a photo

First – (Harper’s Bazaar, Feb 2012) Isabel Marant Amos tank & SS12 dress
Second – (Numéro, May 2012) Isabel Marant long sleeve fishnet tee & Reo pants

Images One, Two

  1. Adriana said:

    Love both editorials!! Great choice!!

  2. Logomania said:

    Love this! Especially the first editorial. I agree, how much fun it would be to dress up in IM for a photoshoot. I would feel like a kid in a candystore! :)


  3. Love the versatility of those fishnet pieces! Totally work with everything. Both pics rock!


  4. WNY said:

    I love the first one, so cool! Great editorial!

  5. Brilliant composition and styling in the first photo and I love the creativity in the second. I don’t know where you find all of these inspirations pics!

    ~ Mandi

  6. beautiful pictures, clothes and models, i loved the dress since i saw it on elin kling, genious

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