• Yeah, I saw it a few days ago. I didn’t post or write about it because I wasn’t the biggest fan. What do you think about it? Of course, I love her outfit in it…

      • Sonia said:

        I totally agree ! The outfit is great, but I don’t see the purpose of the video…

  1. This vest is so incredibly gorgeous, and I’m lovin’ how she paired it over the leather jacket!


  2. What size did she get that? Have you seen it at matches? It’s very slim fitted…
    I love it btw!

    • Hey Ev! That’s the cropped one on Matches, Caroline has the other vest, which is bigger… :-)

  3. Jessie said:

    She is amazing, such an effortless style!

  4. This jacket is just THAT amazzzzing! I live how textured it is and I can’t stop staring at the cut of it and how it drapes across her shoulders like that! WOW! Totally wicked post babe! And her bangs and hair is perfection! I’m wearing my isabel Fall 11 cardi and Manly boots on our bloggy today! Still totally obsessed with the Fall 11 collection!
    Kisses xoxoBeckerman girls

  5. Lucy said:

    Same as Erica, LOVE it but can not afford. At all. =(

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