Now that Isabel’s show is finished, I can take a deep breath, and indulge in her collection!
                                                  What are your thoughts? Must Haves?

         Images via Style

  1. carla said:

    Will be in Paris next week and I am planning on some real shopping at Isabel Marant.

  2. Start saving Aliya….I’ve already started..hahaha

  3. QA said:

    TBH I think she won’t last because she uses the same designs season after season. I had high expectations for Fall 2011 but nothing was worth buying especially after the raised prices. I liked IM before she became popular because now you are paying nearly high end designer prices for clothes that look like they could be bought from Zara or H&M. She is definitely not in the same catagories as Celine or Balmain.

  4. Sasha said:

    In her defense, Celine and Balmain are quite similar to IM in the way that their popularity has inspired highstreet fashion immensely hence why everything at Zara looks like IM. In this case she came first. She has an established, cultivated and unyielding esthetic, this would be troubling if she was at an est. design house but she’s not. As someone who appreciates that esthetic I am overjoyed that she is a consistent designer, and I know just what to expect. I would argue that Celine, Balmain, Lanvin, etc. produce signature looks for the same reason.

    • QA said:

      Well said…but I guess I expect more signature designs now compared to her past work. For example her furs, embellished jackets, mesh dresses etc. I want to look I am wearing Isabel Marant. The last two seasons have seemed repetitive. I have yet to buy into her sneakers trend though :-)

    • Thanks Kim, you can see how even though she’s expanding with more stores, she still remains focused on the identity of her brand.

  5. Sónia said:

    Lots of looks I loved. As Evangelie said above it’s time to start saving :)

  6. Jeni said:

    I’m a die hard IM fan and there was much to love and be inspired by in this collection but I can’t help but miss the WOW factor of Emmanuelle Alt’s styling…

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