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Isabel’s Spring/Summer collection, such an ideal pairing of prints and fishnet…the Gava pumps!

  Images via Style

A look back from Isabel’s AW collection…the fringe boots, navajo prints, oversized sheepskin coats! For me, some looks conjured up the image of a stylish girl going hunting….

   Images via Style

These sneakers have been slightly polarizing, but what’s not to love, especially the top
left from her SP12 collection. One way to cushion the man repeller blow would be to
wear the monochromatic
 ones like below…

     Images One, Two

Here are some photos of Isabel’s cottage in Fontainebleau, France. She spends time there with her son and husband, Jérôme Dreyfuss, an accessories designer. It’s too good to be true really…the thought of working in Paris and then retreating to this little rustic cottage whenever you feel like it.

Images via Adrian Gaut

The hidden wedge makes all the difference…My wardrobe has steadily moved                                       into the neutral zone (grays and nudes!), and the white is such a great contrast.

Sometimes it’s hard to wear an oversized coat without looking too bulky, but these streetstylers
have managed to pull off the Xavier with slimming ease. I also like their takes on styling the coat,
from conservative to slightly edgy to casual.

   Images OneTwoThree


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